Energy Work
Lucky Dog offers energy work, including Reiki and the application of essential oils and flower essences. These modalities tap into vibrational frequency of the dog’s body to promote healing. Energy work is an excellent complement to bodywork

Aromatherapy & Flower Essences
Lucky Dog’s aromatherapy service includes the topical application of medical-grade essential oils for specific ailments and general well-being. Essential oils work on the “subtle bodies” at an emotional and cognitive level, as well as at the physiological level. Many pets have dramatic improvement in their response to stress and anxiety with the use of oils. Our modified “raindrop technique” uses multiple essential oils in succession, to bring the dog’s body back into balance.
Reiki is an non-invasive, hands-on healing system dating back to the 1800’s. It has origins in Tibet and Japan. The word Reikiu can be translated as healing energy guided by Universal Consciousness. Reiki energy brings your dog relaxation and peace. We find it is an excellent complement to our bodywork, and some elderly pets with chronic pain gain more relief from Reiki than any other modality—due to its restoration of energy flow.

Reiki is excellent for the following issues:
·  Stress—our dogs sometimes take on stress as part of their “jobs.”
·  Behavioral issues such as chewing, barking or aggression
·  Separation anxiety or nervous energy
·  Pain management
·  Palliative care – dogs that are terminally ill or dying

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