Certified Canine Body Work
Lucky Dog offers general bodywork for relaxation and overall well-being, as well as specialty bodywork for ailing dogs and canine athletes. We come to your dog’s home and also host pre-arranged events at facilities in Marin and Sonoma counties. Most dogs are more relaxed and at ease in their home environment, and consequently, more receptive to our work.

Benefits of bodywork include:
·  Increased energy & endurance
·  Relaxation & emotional wellbeing
·  Stimulate circulation and detoxification
·  Improve freedom of movement
·  Develop body awareness & coordination
·  Provide relief from acute & chronic pain
·  Shorten healing time for strained muscles & ligaments
·  Strengthen immune system
·  Improve liver, kidney, digestive & cardiovascular health
·  Nourish skin & coat

Agility Competitors—Ask us about pre- and post- event body work to keep your canine athlete at the top of his game!
(Did you know that for dogs, 10 minutes of massage equals 30 minutes of aerobic exercise?)

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