Welcome to Lucky Dog Canine Wellness. I am the founder, Adair Plessas, and I am a certified canine bodyworker. I began my own journey of self-healing after a difficult childhood. Pursuing a variety of healing techniques on my path that I now integrate into my work, I can contribute to your dog’s well-being with a variety of holistic modalities.

My certification is from the internationally-recognized Caninology Canine Body Worker (CCBW) school—a rigorous 8-day course totaling more than 200+hours including externship. I take my training seriously and have complemented body work with Aromatherapy, Reiki and more esoteric forms of energy work. This combination of science and spiritualty allows me to create customized programs that best suit each dog’s needs.

Body work from Lucky Dog is an excellent preventative measure for younger dogs, and rehabilitative for older dogs. Your dog can’t communicate when he experiences aches, pains and stiffness. I can get the energy flowing and bring a state of balance to your dog, resulting in optimal health and a happier pet. Thank you for joining me on my journey!

In love and light,


“I recommend Lucky Dog to help with mobility, pain relief and general well being. Adair’s intuitive approach to creating an integrated, customized program is highly effective for improving a dog’s overall quality of life at any age. Lucky Dog Canine Wellness complements other treatment modalities such as chiropractic care and acupuncture.”

- Belinda Burnside, Nimbus Osteopathic Bodywork and Holistic Healing

 "Adair Plessas was instrumental in improving my border collie Jenny’s last years of life. She was blind, anxious and did not like to be touched. Overtime, she became a huge fan of her massages, and looked forward to each visit. Her bodywork and energy healing helped ease her discomfort and brought me peace of mind, knowing that I was doing my best for her.

- Nancy Griffin, Principal, Contento Marketing