Your dog is family—insist on massage or energy work from a certified professional. Extend your dog’s youth and provide comfort at all states of your pet’s life. Call for your free phone consultation to develop a wellness program customized to your dog’s physical and behavioral needs.

·       Certified Canine Bodywork
·       Energy Work
·       Palliative Care for Aging Dogs

Canine massage therapy does not replace veterinary care. It is, however, a concurrent and complementary treatment for many muscular and joint problems.


Certified Canine Wellness

Lucky Dog offers bodywork for relaxation
and overall well-being, as well as specialty bodywork for ailing dogs and canine athletes.

Energy Work & Massage

Lucky Dog offers energy work, including Reiki and the application of essential oils and flower essences. Energy work is an excellent complement to bodywork.

Palliative Support

Using a combination of bodywork, energy work and wellness counseling, we help you make the most of your dog’s golden years.